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A Little Boutique In Paso Robles Named Bijou

July 01, 2018

I am asked on almost a daily basis how the name BIJOU was chosen for our downtown Paso Robles boutique came about and what it means –

Let’s go back to the beginning, 18 years ago when our Bijou was born. On top of a long and uncomfortable pregnancy, she decided to wait, and wait… to make her presence in the world. Things still didn’t go smoothly at her arrival and to cut a long story short – after a traumatic birth and 2 weeks in NICU our little “jewel” was born. (For those that don’t know, “bijou” means jewel in French).

Fast forward to today. When the location became available the name seemed fitting for the beautiful space that was built in 1929 and the location was perfect. With its original brick walls, stunning woodwork throughout and tall, airy ceilings, it was to me, a “jewel” situated across from the park. I filled the store with European antiques and minimal permanent fixtures to showcase our clothing, books and gifts. Ordinary display fixtures wouldn’t do. I wanted to create visual interest. And, much to my hubby’s amusement, I like to know that I can change the layout and refresh the interior at a whim.
Dressing room tent at Bijou boutique in Paso Robles

The tented dressing room was homemade with painter’s drop cloth and custom metal frame. I always considered myself handy with a sewing machine (even making my own wedding gown) but as opening time got closer I had to call in some backup to help bring it all together. Of course my vision got ahead of me and I didn't consider how it would acutally be hung from the ceiling (that's where my husband who is like MacGyver saves the day - phew). It is a delightful surprise when you come in and is a crowd pleaser with children. We have extra dressing rooms in a nook with a lounging couch for patient hubbies and friends to relax.

The boutique mascot is Mooshka and he is an absolute stunner. He wears his crown proudly and is decorated seasonally with garlands or flowers or tinsel or pom poms. This handsome guy was a gift from a friend. He reminds me of the elk my grandfather used to hunt for food back in my home country of Sweden.

So please stop by to see our ever-changing selection of hand picked items. I deliberately buy often and in small amounts, so you don’t end up wearing the same thing as your friend at an event – OMG embarrassing! We look forward to meeting you.